1. Our employees care about the safety of our guests:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, in the interest of the utmost care for the safety of guests and our employees, we have committed ourselves to comply with the following provisions of the regulations we have developed: – all employees of our hotel make a self-assessment of their health before arriving to work in accordance with:


  1. Moreover, each of our employees and employees of cooperating companies, before starting work, are required to: measure body temperature with a non-contact thermometer, before and during work.


  1. Our employees and employees of our partners can perform professional activities only when their temperature does not exceed 37 ℃ and they do not show other symptoms such as: cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, breathing problems; in the event of a temperature above 37 ℃ or the appearance of symptoms such as cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, breathing problems, Employees cannot work and should follow GIS guidelines.


  1. All employees of Aralyja Private Home and Employees of our Partners are required to submit a “Self-Health Assessment Statement”. Submitting the declaration is connected with obtaining consent to admit Employees to their positions


  1. The management was obliged to systematically check the health of subordinate employees and provide them with help if necessary; We implement a security policy.

    For the sake of all of us, we obligated our employees to use personal protective equipment, such as masks and gloves. We apply these rules depending on the workplace.

    We have implemented many security solutions for our guests, incl. special covers at our reception and the availability of antibacterial gels.

    All our employees and employees of our associates follow the guidelines for the systematic use of disinfectants in the performance of their official duties in order to ensure safety in our building.

    We applied the principle of keeping the minimum distance of 2 meters between employees performing their official duties and we applied the same distance to our guests.

    We regularly disinfect and ventilate the rooms.


  1. General rooms cleaning (corridors, lobbies, lobbies, toilets)

    The general areas of Araliya are a publicly accessible public space in which both our employees and our Guests must wear masks (in accordance with GIS guidelines pl / aktualnosc / bez-mask-nor -move);

    We operate in accordance with government guidelines available at

    We constantly carry out thorough and regular disinfection of toilets on the premises of Private Home.

    In the area of ​​the entrance to the toilets there are hand disinfection gels in accordance with the recommendations, along with the instructions for effective hand disinfection.

    The buttons on the intercoms, the elevator panel and the elevator call buttons are covered with foil that is regularly replaced

    A recommendation was introduced to use the elevator for a maximum of 2 people, keeping a safe distance (does not apply to people constituting one household)

    Regular disinfection of places particularly exposed to touch is carried out, such as: door handles, countertops at the reception desk, tables in public rooms, handrails; Common spaces are regularly ventilated to ensure even better circulation of fresh air; We systematically check the quality of work performed in the field of disinfection of general areas, carrying out regular quality checks of our personnel’s work by the management staff; 7. Reception place: When booking, we provide a mask for each guest [maximum two people per room]. You can also make an additional purchase of the mask at the reception store. Special covers have been installed at the reception desk to ensure a safe space for guests and employees. All this to make each of you feel comfortable and safe.