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We welcome you to our accommodations and wish you a pleasant time and a relaxing stay. Please read the rules of use. In this way, both sides can avoid uncomfortable situations and we can concentrate on giving you a pleasant rest.

1. The regulations stipulate the manner in which the apartment is used.

2. The day begins at 00:00 (UTC + 1) on the day of arrival and ends at 24:00 (UTC + 1) on the day of departure.

3. For reasons of comfort for you and future guests, smoking is strictly prohibited in the building. Smokers meet at the designated areas on the premises. Smoking is permitted outside the building.

4. Pets are expressly welcome, (Please inform us about your stay with animals before you arrive at our facility.)

5. As soon as you receive the key (chip, chip card or application on the smartphone) for the accommodation from us, become their host.

6. Please keep your apartment, kitchen and bathroom tidy and tidy.

7. Please keep a quiet night between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am.

A quiet stay works either for everyone or for none. A guest who does not keep the night’s sleep must expect other guests to come to him to remind him of the observance of the night command.

8. Do not disturb other guests. This is one of the most essential manners in a community.

9. …

10. The accommodation provider is liable for all damage and defects, caused by the fault of the resident or accompanying person.

The accommodation provider is financially responsible for the damage and is obliged to pay immediately if the damage has been clearly established in a damage report. . The accommodated person is obliged to comply with the fire protection regulations, to ensure cleanliness and order, to use the sanitary and sewage systems properly and to report malfunctions in the room used and the natural wear and tear of the devices at the reception.

11. Every time you leave the room, remember to close the windows and turn off household appliances and audio / video equipment.

12. Our crew feels obliged to provide professional and courteous service.

13. The guest is king in a foreign land. Conditions for a quiet and safe stay, committed to the confidentiality of information about the guest and the efficiency of the technical facilities.

14. …

15. There is also a garage and gym.

Thank you – The Araliya team